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May 25, 2023


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DEV Hotel and Conference Centre

Main Purpose

The role is responsible for processing laundry for the hotel and conference centre ensuring that the inventory of clean linens is at a pre-determined par level to meet business needs.

Job Responsibilities

• Provides the highest level of customer service skills when handling customer and guests’ requests.
• Follows the laundry standard operating procedures at all times.
• Operates laundry machinery and equipment as per machine guidelines and safety procedures.
• Sorts linen by soiled and unsoiled and pre-treat where necessary.
• When washing cycle is finished, wet articles must be placed in the dryer for the measured time cycle then sorted, folded and placed in the appropriate storage area.
• Sorts, fold, press and count laundry to verify laundry counts.
• Pays attention to detail when sorting colored items and handling delicate fabrics
• Sweeps and keep clean the laundry area during the day and at the end of each shift.
• Cleans machines daily for good working order.

Job Related Skills and Competences

• Excellent time management skills to handle multiple tasks throughout each shift
• Knowledge of and ability to comply with workplace safety requirements, including fire prevention, hygiene, and handling of potentially harmful substances.
• Ability to use basic cleaning equipment and manage time efficiently
• Ability to work in a team setting, follow instructions and work well with minimum supervision
• Ability to work well under pressure and willingness to stand and walk for prolonged periods and good stamina for moving laundry loads.

Employment Requirements

• Basic understanding of laundry operations
• At least one (1) year hands-on experience in the same environment or demonstration of aptitude to learn on the job.
• Able to handle to physical components of the position up to a maximum of 50 lbs.

Job Type

Full-time, unionized | Schedule:8-hour shift, weekend availability required.
Number of Vacancies: Two (2)
Post ref: 2023/jp-U13

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