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April 17, 2024


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Brown Foundry

Job Duties

  • Adhere to training for starting gas-fired equipment
  • Adhere to training for starting electric equipment
  • All machine guards must be in place prior to operation
  • Set cycle times according to product spec sheets
  • Monitor pattern temperature to achieve required limits form products spec sheets (check with infra-red gun or temp stick)
  • Clean/Screen molding sand to be used for all molds
  • Cycle machine as trained with caution to moving parts
  • when cleaning or servicing equipment, (e.g. sand hopper), care must be taken that machine cannot cycle accidentally
  • Remove shell from pattern, break sections apart if required, and blow out loose sand
  • Recycle machine
  • Set cores if required
  • Apply mold glue around perimeter as rapidly as possible (some molds require additional glue in other areas
  • Close mold halves as quickly as possible with caution not to break cores and place in bonding machine and cycle it immediately
  • Remove mold from bonder after appropriate time and insert pouring sleeve if required
  • Place masking tape over pouring sleeve or sprue
  • Palletize molds in a fashion as to not cause damage during transport or handling
  • Record good  molds and scrap quantities on production report

Safety Requirement

  • Safety glasses with side shields to be worn at all times
  • No loose clothing
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Long sleeve shirt recommended
  • Hot equipment protection
  • Heat retardant gloves recommended

W.H.M.I.S. Requirements

  • Liquid parting is a controlled product
  • Mold glue is a controlled product
  • Nuisance dust

Position Details

  • Full-Time, Monday to Friday (7am-4pm)
  • $20/hr wages with weekly bonuses for meeting or exceeding quality and production expectations


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