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February 9, 2024


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St John’s Presbyterian Church


  • Check and respond to voice messages at the start of the workday,
  • Check emails and respond accordingly,
  • Check mailbox, retrieve and open mail and distribute accordingly,
  • Collect packages delivered to the local post office,
  • Mail necessary letters,
  • Warmly greet and respond to visitors and inquiries and redirect them as needed.,
  • Prepare and update electronic monthly calendar, Maintain paper copies in the office and on the hall bulletin board,
  • Maintain Mass Email List stored on one-drive,
  • Maintain and update the Empower church directory,
  • Send emails to the congregation as requested by various groups of the church as needed,
  • Participate as an administrator on the church Facebook page,
  • Track your hours of work for renumeration,
  • Manage invoices (pay, post, file)
  • Liase with the minister, clerk and financial chair,
  • Advise the Signatories of SJPC of cheques that require signatures,
  • Any duties as assigned by the minister, clerk and financial chair.



  • Secure scripture readers,
  • Locate scripture readings (provided by the minister) from the internet, format accordingly, place paper copy on the lectern and email to the minister and reader,
  • Email or phone people who are on welcoming duty, coffee hour, scripture readers, singers or other volunteers on Wednesday,
  • Prepare the bulletin and audiovisual material (ProPresenter software) for Sunday services and any other services as required. Post the bulletin in one drive by Friday after the Minister has approved,
  • Gather requests for announcements from various groups and include them in the bulletin and slide show,
  • Mass email a PDF of the bulletin upon approval of the minister,
  • Print paper copies of the bulletin, fold, insert any additional pages and place ¼ at the north door, ¾ at the south door, 2 on the tech board, 1 on the organ, 1 on the pulpit, 3 in the Nursery, and 8 in the choir room,
  • Notify the sound tech team of requests for CD/DVDs of the service,
  • Label and log the CD/DVD of the Sunday worship service in the archives,
  • Prepare items necessary for the offering collection team for Sunday,
  • Record and verify receipts and correct errors,
  • Reconcile expenses and payments of all bills and consolidate balances with the Bank of Montreal accrual sheet to ensure correctness (e.g., consolidation of bank deposits in SAGE Software).
  • Note/print/investigate transactions/eTransfers/PAD of givings, pickleball payments, etc., in preparation for monthly reconciliation,
  • Maintain separate and detailed records for the allocated accounts,
  • Post givings and donations for income tax purposes.


  • Provide a report of all transactions for the current month and a planned payment one month looking forward statement,
  • File service provider invoices for record keeping and maintain ledger input consistencies while paying said producers within a 30 day period from receipt of bill,
  • Prepare payroll and execute payments, maintain and update payroll records including mandatory remittances,
  • Prepare and remit mandatory payments on a quarterly basis, with the Finance Chair, audit and journalize all expenses for all sub-groups,
  • Reconcile cash accounts and accounts receivables and note correction to be included for the month,
  • Prepare a financial statement including monthly and year to date revenue and disbursements and distribute to the Finance Chair, Clerk and Minister within 6 working days of the end of the month,
  • Email the printer/copier counter to Future Office Products,
  • Order Daily Bread devotionals.


  • Prepare an agenda and email a copy to the members of the John Stewart Estate Trust Fund Advisory Board members,
  • Attend each meeting of this board with the SJPC Minister,
  • Take minutes, duplicate and mail/email to the Advisory Board and ScotiaWealth Management,
  • Prepare a list of agencies receiving grants from the aforementioned estate and email to the Advisory Board and Scotia Wealth Management,
  • Prepare HST reports/filings for HST credits for submission in June and December of current year.


  •  With the direction of the Finance Chair prepare:
    • Actual income and expenses of the past year and a proposed budget for the new year by Dec 15 for review by the Session,
    • Accruals and adjusting entries as required at the end of the year,
    • Prepare and submit to CRA annual Tax Slips for all employees (Jan.),
    • Prepare all congregational member Charitable Tax Receipts (Jan.),
    • Prepare and submit to PCC an annual Statistical Report.
  • Order Offering Envelopes in January for the following year to take advantage of the discount period,
  • Order bulletins for the upcoming year,
  • Prepare the Annual Report for the General Meeting (January),
  • Prepare offering envelopes with labels and make them available in the Sanctuary by early December of each year.


The Roll Clerk maintains the congregational list using Microsoft Access and will send you periodic updates by email. If you receive any address, phone or email changes, please let the Roll Clerk know. Upon any notices of death notify the Minister, Clerk and Roll Chair,

  • Inform the House Chair of any inquiries for use of the facilities,
  • Arrange for repairs to office equipment as necessary,
  • Complete data forms for marriage and baptismal requests as required,
  • Prepare Certificates of Baptism and new Communicant Members,
  • Provide proofs of Baptism and Marriages as required,
  • Prepare and photocopy Funeral and Wedding Bulletins as needed,
  • Purchase and pick up office supplies at Stormont Stationers or Staples as needed,
  • Maintain the following records and file in appropriate folders:
    • Contracts for snow removal, grass cutting, elevator, organ/piano maintenance etc.,
    • New equipment, appliances, and supplies (including photocopier, computers, service agreements, etc.,
    • Warranties, bills of purchase on the care and maintenance of the above,
    • Contact information for alarm system and all persons holding keys to the church and alarm codes,
    • PIN numbers and computer sensitive passwords,
    • Minutes of church committee meetings.
    • Follow the procedure for donations to the Memorial Trust Fund or the Heritage Trust Fund,


Required Skills / Experience:

SJPC is seeking an Office Administrator who is a warm and welcoming presence in the office and who is able to manage and organize the day-to-day administrative operations. The successful candidate should have a minimum of 2 years experience in running all aspects of an office environment and will be required to work in person from the office at the church. Technology skills are an asset. Training for specific software packages is available.


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