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Pouring/Royer Operator


April 17, 2024


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Brown Foundry

Pouring Duties

  • Inspect and monitor condition of ladle and ladle lining to ensure that accidental spillage of molten metal will not occur
  • Check condition and operation of hoist and ladle prior to usage
  • Treatment ladle must be pre-heated approx. 1 hour prior to melt and between successive melts (ductile melting)
  • Preheat of slag-off stuck prior to first entry
  • Add small about of slag-off to ladle and assist pour man during pouring
  • “Stick man” to maintain proper height of ladle and assist pour man during pouring
  • Pour man should try to fill sprue and maintain full during pour of shell mold to ensure proper pressure to fill all castings
  • Make sure movable overhead track is locked closed prior to transferring ladle onto pour crane and before returning to overhead track
  • Take temperature reading prior to first pour and record this reading on melt sheet
  • Temperature should be withing limits as prescribed in production specs. Manual
  • Control ladle melt weight to avoid excessive cooling to achieve optimum mold quantity and least amount of “pigged” leftover material
  • When pouring is complete, put ladle back to preheat area if further melting is required
  • Royer man to load Royer and de-gate castings between melts
  • Record product identification and molds poured on production report

Royer Job Duties

  • Keep area under shaker clean to ensure efficient operation
  • Periodically check condition of drive system on sand conveyor
  • Maintain collection hopper under exit end of Royer conveyor
  • Load molds in Royer trays to optimize melt volume to try and avoid excessive cycling during pouring
  • De-gate and inspect castings
  • Tag all tote boxes as to contects
  • Ductile and gray scrap must be kept separate and tagged
  • Remove side panels and clean out excessive sand and castings as needed

Position Details

  • Full-Time, Monday to Friday (7am-4pm)
  • $20/hr wages with weekly bonuses for meeting or exceeding quality and production expectations


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