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June 19, 2024

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Job Summary

Under the direction of the Senior production manager, the Production manager plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates the operations of the Production department on their shift. They will assist the Supervisors in solving technical issues and work towards achieving set goals. The Production manager also manages quality by ensuring compliance with HACCP/SQF and applies hygiene regulations and good manufacturing practices. The Production manager works in conjunction with the Health & Safety Coordinator to promote and maintain a safe working environment. In addition, the Production manager formulates healthy working relationships with managers and supervisors of other departments.

Major Responsibilities

  1) Health & Safety:

  • Ensure the respect of the rules, standards and safe work methods;
  • Ensure all production employees abide by sanitation standards in the workplace;
  • Participate in accident investigations and analysis of work related injuries of workers under their responsibility as needed; participate in and adhere to all Health & Safety policies and regulations.

2) Production & Shipping:

  • Chair daily production and shipping meetings and ensure communication with all departments is optimal;
  • Responsible for reaching and maintaining production goals;
  • Ensure the communication of information between shifts to ensure continuation of work;
  • Ensure proper completion and follow up on production reports;
  • Ensure that supplies of material, raw material and equipment that are required are available;
  • Direct the execution of work according to the time allowed;
  • Actively participate in identifying and solving problems;
  • Responsible for all production  &shipping supervisors throughout the plant.

3) Human Resources:

  • Apply the collective agreement in all related activities;
  • Ensure application of discipline in the production team;
  • Ensure integration of training for employees and the evaluation of their performance;
  • Advise employees when there are transfers and requests for overtime;
  • Liaise with the Human Resources Manager regarding employee relations and conduct employee meetings as needed.

4) Costs:

  • Participate in the planning of employees needed in relation to budgets and orders; Ensure the proper and responsible utilization of company tools and equipment;
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Review financials on a daily basis to follow-up on opportunities

5) Quality:

  • Ensure and participate in the follow-up of the Quality Assurance program and the HACCP/SQF standards;
  • Ensure that the employees their section receive HACCP/SQF standards training as needed and ensure themselves the training of the employees;
  • Ensure that HACCP/SQF standards are known and applied;
  • Follow up with Production Coordinator in regards to the evaluation of video surveillance;
  • Ensure that the quality of the work is done according to the HACCP/SQF standards.

6) Maintenance:

  • Ensure the communication between Maintenance and Production concerning repairs to be done.

Qualifications and Education Experience

  • College, Cegep or other non-university certificate or diploma from a program of 1 to 2 tears
  • 7 month to less than 1 year
  • Able to work in a computerized environment: AS/400 Microsoft Office;
  • Knowledge of HACCP/SQF standards an asset;
  • Bilingualism (English/French) an asset;
  • Knowledge of the food industry constitutes as an important asset;
  • Ability to influence, lead, mentor and coach;
  • Ability to establish significant relations with the management, staff and employees;
  • Ability to quickly adapt to change when faced with unforeseen situations;
  • Excellent problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, decision making, organizational, communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skill

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