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Wheelabrator Operator


April 17, 2024


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Brown Foundry

Job Duties:

During operation of dust collector:

  • Periodically run bag shaker
  • Keep loose shot cleaned up and reuse
  • All castings should be Wheelabrated and sorted
  • Break off any gating and flash from product prior to loading into machine
  • Load machine by predetermined quantities
  • Cycle machine as trained
  • After predetermined cycle time empty castings from machine, removing any visually noticed scrap, and record counts for prouction report
  • Ductile/gray scrap must be kept separate and tagged
  • Transport completed castings to holding area

Safety Equipment Required:

  • Safety glasses w/side shields required during all operation
  • Work gloves recommended
  • Steel-toed boots

W.H.M.I.S. Requirements

  • Hot metal process
  • SlagTite FM is a controlled product
  • Nuisance dust at shake out operation

Position Details:

  • Full-Time, Monday to Friday (7am-4pm)
  • $20/hr wages with weekly bonuses for meeting or exceeding quality and production expectations

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